Play is the beginning.

Li La Lo d.o.o. Studio is a creative workshop, a place that welcomes imagination and creativity. Our world is multiform, our solutions always unexpected. We seek, we question, we peep, we wait, we observe, we try, we shape … we play.

The paths we follow simply arise. Sometimes it all begins with just a handful of warm, pliable clay. Sometimes the point of it all is to find inter-tones in the imbuing of light and shade recorded by a camera. And sometimes, it just takes diving into the unknown and merging something that cannot be merged – clay and metal, rough and soft, reflection and darkness…


Li La Lo Studio gives form to a new reality. A world in which anything can be imagined and produced. A world in which all diversities are welcome. A world we create by play. A world, whose creativity makes us better and happier. Because creation builds and changes us. Li La Lo Studio is a happy creators’ workshop.